Two Proof was founded in March 2011 expressly for the 48 Hour Film Project that year.

Immediately after the competition, it was clear that the creativity in the group would need outlets in the time between the annual competition that gave it life. The group developed its own gravity, pulling other talented folks in and making other affiliations. This led to the creation of a number of videos with different motivations:


We have experience making long-form commercials in the form of Kickstarter videos. We've made a first video (April 2013), a second video (April 2014), a third video (April 2015) and a fourth video (April 2016) for our own campaigns to fund our entries into the 48 Hour Film Project.

We also were approached to create a one-shot Kickstarter video (February 2014) for Proatmeal - the world's greatest power food. Backers pledged over $10,000 to the campaign (and we'd like to think the video helped), but the project fell short of the goal. So, the fellas at Proatmeal asked us to make them a simpler, second Kickstarter video (April 2015). The second campaign was successful, raising $23,070.

We made a a first promo video (January 2016) and a second promo video (April 2017) for Breakin' Even Fest, a DC punk music festival being organized by one of our team members.

We created a capabilities video submission (March 2017) for Concept Solutions showing how their practices and personnel were particularly suited for a government contract.

Live Event Coverage

We have been called upon to record live music shows to make promotional videos. A set of performance videos like this one (December 2014) were made for a band called The Chance Club. We made performance videos like this one (January 2016) for local artist Lisa Said. We made a highlight video (December 2016) for the Capital One Design group of their Second Annual Lip Sync Battle. We made a performance highlight video like this one (February 2017) for Jarreau Williams, an actor who appeared in our 2015 and 2016 48-hour films. We also made a performance video (January 2018) for American Television, a band featuring our tireless assistant director Bryan on drums.

Comedy Shorts

Thanks to our close affiliation and integration with the creative team at Revolution Reels, we have made a number of funny videos. Our two most viewed comedy videos went viral on a local scale: "Baltimore vs Washington" (June 2012) and its even more popular sequel, "Baltimore vs Washington, Part 2" (December 2012) have combined for over 179,000 views. "To Catch A Predator" (April 2012) pokes some fun at the hidden camera investigations from Dateline with Chris Hansen. "Office Sneeze" (April 2013) deals with a situation we've all dealt with during work meetings.

We also have helped other folks create comedic shorts, like this one (February 2016) and this one (February 2017) for The Jason Wilson Experience.

Performing Arts

We were called upon to create a DVD for "The Brontes", a rock band/theater presentation by Dizzy Miss Lizzie's Roadside Revue. Less than two months after filming a show in its entirety, the Two-Proof-created DVD was released (January 2013). It was loaded with special features including interviews with the founders of the theater company, hilarious bonus footage from a rehearsal and candid commentary from the cast members. The DVD has been a hot seller at shows.

Music Videos

We also have growing experience making music videos. Two newlywed team members made a pair of videos: the first (August 2013) is a cover song that tells a story and pays tribute to the bride's father, the second (September 2013) was a kind of video invitation for the couple as they headed off to get married. A 49-second teaser (February 2014) was created for ambient indietronica band Plastic Sky to drum up interest for the release of an upcoming single. A full music video (June 2015) was made for Jarreau Williams. Another full music video (August 2015) was made for American Television, and a 90-second teaser (October 2015) was created for Plastic Sky to promote the release of an EP.

DVD Authoring

One of the perks we offer to the Kickstarter backers who help us make our 48-hour films are fully-authored DVDs. Each year, our discs have become more and more full-featured, packed with lots of special features.

As our experience continues to grow, we will keep pushing ourselves to try different things. If you have an idea for a video, contact us and we will work with you to turn your vision into a reality.